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Version: v3


TapTap Developer Services (TDS) empowers game developers with a collection of tools that helps them develop, operate, and maintain quality games more efficiently than ever. Our vision is to promote a positive environment within the game industry for both developers and players.

TDS provides the following services that you can use by integrating TapSDK in your games:

  • TapTap Login: Allows players to quickly log into the game by authorizing with a TapTap account.

  • TapTap Connect: A tool that connects TapTap, the game, and the player.

  • Data Analysis: A complete set of analytic tools focused on solving data needs of game projects. Simple integration allows you to obtain an in-depth and practical data dashboard and ad-tracking capabilities, making data analysis and advertising easy to conduct. Additionally, it can also be used to perform crowd analysis to help you better understand users.

  • Moments: Allows players to access TapTap’s community forums (official announcements, game strategies, problem feedback, trending topics, etc.) without leaving the game. Additionally, they can view their friends’ game moments and interact with their friends as well as game developers and top players.

  • TapTap Friends: Player can access a list of TapTap friends who are playing the same game by logging into their TapTap account.
  • TDS Authentication: Helps you quickly build a safe and secure player login system at a low cost, providing the capability for players to log into your game with a variety of accounts including guest accounts and third-party accounts (TapTap, Apple, WeChat, QQ, etc.).
  • Achievements: Allows you to set up “Achievements” and “Platinum Achievements” to increase player participation and encourage players to explore different ways to play the game.
  • Leaderboards: Based on TDS Authentication, you can set up leaderboards in your game to promote competition among players and thereby increase player activity.

  • Cloud Save: Saves the player’s game progress to the TDS server, where the game can retrieve saved game data and allow the player to continue playing from any save point on any device.

  • Gift Packages: Gift Packages lets you create gift codes for your game which players can redeem in your game later.

  • TapLink: Helps players jump from TapTap to the game to collect the gift packs.

  • Anti Addiction: A fast real-name authentication feature based on TapTap accounts. With players’ permission, those who log in to the game with a TapTap account can quickly complete the real-name authentication process with their already-verified personal information filed with TapTap.

  • Copyright Verification: Helps buyout games verify paid download eligibility and DLC unlock eligibility.

  • Updates: Whenever the game has an update, players can jump directly from the game to TapTap and download the update.

  • TapPlay: Run your games in sandboxes so you can develop your games more efficiently and let your games reach more players.

  • TapCanary: Release early versions of your games to internal testers or trusted users for closed testing with either cloud play or TapPlay (sandbox).

  • Data Storage: Store and retrieve JSON objects, binary files, geolocations, and other types of data. Its built-in row-level ACL permission control and general user and role management system can help you quickly achieve safe and flexible data access.

  • Cloud Engine: Provides an exclusive cloud computing platform for hosting static websites. Additionally, it allows customized development using any programming language to dynamically process external requests and meet the needs of business customization. This eliminates the need to build your own server for back-end development.

  • Voice Chat: Provides a one-stop-shop for voice chat and voice compliance solutions, covering FPS, MOBA, MMORPG, matchmaking, online board games, and various other gaming genres.

  • Multiplayer: Rely on cloud services for easy in-game player matching, online matchmaking message synchronisation and more.
  • Customer Support: Helps the game's operation team better solve the problems encountered by players.

To use the corresponding services, complete Developer Registration, log into the Developer Center, and “Turn on” Game Services.