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Version: v3

TDS Authentication Introduction


It’s a common practice for games to have an account system that can store players’ data on the cloud. With TDS Authentication, you can easily add a robust and secure account system in your game that allows players to sign in with services like TapTap, Apple, WeChat, QQ, or even as a guest. Using such a system doesn’t require the knowledge of implementing the backend of an account system. You can simply call the APIs provided by the service and utilize all the account-related features by accessing the TDS User object.

Use Cases

  • If you don’t have an account system in your game yet, you can quickly build one with TDS Authentication.
  • If you already have an account system built on your own, you can still use TDS Authentication for accessing other TDS services (including Data Storage, Friends, and Achievements).

Methods

  • Guest account
  • OAuth with TapTap, Apple, WeChat, QQ, etc.

Using the Service

  1. Add TapSDK into your game.
  2. Call the APIs provided by the SDK to access the TDS User object.
  3. Manage user accounts on the TapTap Developer Center.

TDS User

To access the account system on TDS, the client needs to provide a unique identifier of the player that gets linked to a TDS User on the cloud so that the player can access other TDS services. It’s up to you to decide the form of the identifier.

Guest Accounts

You may allow players to sign in as a guest so that they can access TDS services without having to link an account.

Third-Party Sign-on

To allow players to log in with services like TapTap, Apple, WeChat, and QQ, you have to obtain an OAuth token from the service provider. If you want to use TapTap Login, please first complete the application process to enable TapTap Login. You can then access the account system on TDS with the OAuth token obtained from TapTap Login.

Validating Access Tokens

When using third-party sign-on, TDS Authentication can help you validate access tokens with service providers to improve the security of the account system of your game. You can enable this feature on TapTap Developer Center > Game Services > TDS Authentication.

Third-party websites

Admin Console

You can manage user accounts by going to the TapTap Developer Center.

Managing users

TDS Services That Depend on TDS Authentication

All the cloud services provided by TDS require you to use TDS Authentication. You can browse those services on the Developer Center.