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Version: v3

TapDB Introduction

TapDB is a set of analysis tools focused on solving the data needs of game projects. It is committed to helping developers achieve low-cost and efficient access and query experience.

Original Intention

As game developers, we know that making games is not easy. Thinking about how to polish game products can be a headache, and choosing the right set of data tools and using them correctly can be a lot of work and ineffective. We believe there must be high value in providing a low-barrier, easy-to-use, and accurate tool.

Over the years of making games, we have accumulated some experiences and methods, and we hope to share them with you through TapDB. We believe that helping developers create quality games is helping TapTap grow.


The main functions provided by TapDB service are:

Basic BI

The four data reports are very practical and have a low learning threshold. That's what we've learned from decades of gaming.

Derived Event

For the developer's experience, we have reduced the query time of the base BI to 1/10th of the time through a series of derived events, ensuring that you can quickly access the data you need.

Tracking Advertising Delivery

Embed into the world's leading AD delivery systems (such as Ocean Engine, AMS, AppsFlyer, etc.) for easy AD tracking, callbacks, and data analysis.

Permission Role

Each user is given a separate account and individually controlled permissions to ensure data security.

Custom Event Analysis

  • Freedom to customize events and focus on the behaviors that matter most.

  • Multi-dimensional perspective, quickly disassemble data, more efficiently find the root cause of the problem.

  • Log-level query capability to know exactly what the user has done.

Advantages And Features

  • Low-threshold access: Access to basic events is very simple, which is enough to give you perfect analytics and ad placement capabilities.

  • No delay: data can be checked immediately after reporting, time is life.

  • Keep updated game analysis framework: We will share the latest experience and methods with you continuously.

  • Combined with the data of TapTap ecology, we provide developers with full-chain game data analysis capability.

  • Free.